What are ELC/ITP Instructors?

English Language and Culture (ELC) Instructors teach in an immersive dynamic non-credit program for English as an Additional Language speakers based out of the Vancouver campus. They use a diversity of teaching methods and a student-centred approach that not only supports these students’ success and development to advance to higher levels of English proficiency, but also helps build their confidence in the language and facilitates their exploration of Canadian culture. 

Interpretation and Translation Program (ITP) Instructors teach several different programs that train linguistically and culturally fluent professionals to facilitate effective cross-cultural communication. Their students are typically qualified Japanese/English or Chinese/English bilinguals who wish to pursue careers in translation and/or consecutive interpretation, including in legal, medical, and other professional settings.

Access to Work

All ELC/ITP positions are posted on the central website. Typically temporary positions are hired when additional work is available, and then over time instructors should progress to continuing status, based on promotion rights in the Collective Agreement. However, in practice, SFU has continued to violate those rights resulting in people continuously teaching while still being considered “temporary” and denied benefits. This violation has been grieved. 

Instructors are placed on the seniority list once they have taught for 9 weeks (i.e. the start of their 2nd appointment) and assignments are made each term on the basis of seniority.

Duties and Responsibilities

As an ELC/ITP Instructor, you may be responsible for:

  • Preparing, creating and presenting a course
  • All aspects of teaching & grading in your classroom

As an ELC/ITP Instructor, you are not responsible for:

  • The enrolment of students.
  • Replacing yourself when you are sick.


All ELC/ITP instructors must receive a paid orientation; which includes at least one hour for the Union to introduce itself to the new instructors, and ensure they know their rights and how to get involved.

Benefits and Leaves

As an ELC/ITP Instructor, you have the right to:

  • Access to work and vacation by seniority.
  • Vacation pay – either paid out on each, cheque or accrued for payout while not teaching
  • Statutory holiday pay for those holidays falling between semesters
  • Access to a professional development fund
  • Sick leave of 12 days per year for all employees (to be finalized shortly)
  • Substitution pay at your regular contact rate of pay if you fill in for another employee
  • Overtime pay beyond 17 contact hours/week
  • Various leaves (see the collective agreement for full details)
  • Request an unpaid leave of a duration of your choosing up to 12 months

Those instructors with continuing status have the right to:

  • A medical and dental plan, once you attain continuing status and work regularly
  • Maintenance of benefits while on parental/maternal leave (you must pay your portion)
  • Annual step increases if you work beyond a threshold

TSSU continues to advocate at the bargaining table for all instructors to have rights equivalent to other SFU employees, including access to benefits, step increases, etc; however, the SFU Administration continues to oppose any improvement.